Nigerian Destination Wedding 

Tobi & Jenn

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Convento de Magdalena

Tobi & Jenn picked the perfect setting to tie the knot, bringing together family from the US, United Kingdom, Nigeria, and a few other jet-setting guests for their week of multicultural wedding events. For the Nigerian Ceremony, family and wedding party wore their family colors, each styled with their own unique cut and embellishments. Jenn was dressed in a gold, sequin gown and adorned with Tobi’s family colors. Through symbolic gestures and theatrics, Tobi and Jenn’s families welcomed oneanother.

It was a perfectly cloudless day in Antequera for Tobi and Jenn’s wedding reception. During their cocktail hour, we explored the property at the Magdalena, making full use of the golden light and dreamy aesthetics. Once the dancing kicked off, it just didn’t stop!