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Destination Nigerian Ceremony in Spain

It was such an honor to be flown into Spain for Tobi and Jenn’s engagement ceremony and destination wedding. Driving to the venue, we were blown away by the rolling hills and gorgeous Spanish countryside views. They picked the perfect setting to tie the knot, bringing together family from the US, United Kingdom, Nigeria, and a few other jet-setting guests for their week of multicultural wedding events.

We all gathered on the back balcony of Antequera’s Convento de Magdalena under beautiful white draping overlooking the hills. Family and wedding party wore their family colors, each styled with their own unique cut and embellishments. Jenn was dressed in a gold, sequin gown and adorned with Tobi’s
family colors.

Through symbolic gestures and theatrics, Tobi and Jenn’s families welcomed one another. They introduced each honored guest by name. Traditionally, this was to ensure in-laws all felt like family, so they’d be able to greet each other if they passed them on the street. I loved that both the bride and the groom got a grand entrance. During these entrances, I was introduced to the Nigerian tradition of “money spraying,” where cash is literally thrown over the bride and groom. The wedding parties danced their way into the engagement ceremony, under a shower of cash.

Jenn and Tobi’s parents prayed over their children together. Their families affirmed their support of their engagement with great enthusiasm! Tobi and his groomsmen laid facedown before Jenn’s parents as he agreed to provide and care for her. And lastly, when asked for Jenn’s dowry, her mom responded, “My daughter cannot be bought,” a truthful and modern twist on an outdated custom. The guests cheered her on, and the ceremony concluded. After a few sunset portraits, Tobi and Jenn returned to their reception to dance the night away–and part of the next morning too!

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